Procedural World Generation of 'Far Cry 5'
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Topic: Visual Arts
Format: Session
How do you fill up 10 square km of wilderness with a terrain...
Get 'em while their hot!

AC: Black Flag & World in Conflict FREE till Dev 11 on UPLAY

Ubisoft has been very generous giving away free games the past couple years on Uplay!

Almost all the game I have on Uplay I got for free from them, and the collection just keeps getting bigger.

Whether I play them or not (any time soon anyways) will be determined.

Im pretty sure Ill try out ACBF, cause its suppose to be a good game, though I have never...
Theme: Nostalgia ... Deadline: 12/1/17

Recreate a map from any FPS game.

Map must be made using ASSAULT MODE or EXTRACTION mode.

** THERE ARE NO PRIZES - Your reward is the simple thrill of competition **

Deadline has passed for submissions. The winner will be announced here soon.

***Thanks to those who participated***