Theme: Nostalgia ... Deadline: 12/1/17

Recreate a map from any FPS game.

Map must be made using ASSAULT MODE or EXTRACTION mode.

The must be a video on Youtube showing the original, for comparison sake in judging. Map must be as close to the original as possible, in scale, design and assets. Brownie points given to custom asset creation in attempt to mimic the original map's assets.

Map pictures and description must be uploaded into the Battlemap database for consideration. A map file and video link can also be uploaded in as well, but not required.

** THERE ARE NO PRIZES - Your reward is the simple thrill of competition **
Far Cry 5's Dramatically Different Setting Promises A Landscape Of Exploration And Narrative Microcosms
by Miguel Concepcion on November 14, 2017

Of all the types of American regions featured in games, the one least explored is the country's vast open rural landscapes. It's one of the intriguing aspects of Far Cry 5's Montana, a sense of anticipation in exploring its diverse terrain as you take on a malicious cult that has claimed the land as their own. Based on our most recent interview with creative director Dan Hay, we learned more about the nuances of rural America as envisioned by Ubisoft Montreal and how this land in conflict promises to deliver a layered experience driven by the allies and enemies you meet.

GameSpot: So from what I've gathered so far, The Father's siblings are...